Welcome to the Red Earth Management Team Blog

Hi everyone, the blog for the REC has been created. Feel free to access it at anytime, to share ideas, comments and just general discussion concerning the Red Earth Cluster.

We have the ability to upload additional photos, documents and videos if need be!

Cheers – Cynthia

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Red Earth Management Team Blog

  1. Great to have the blog setup already. It’ll be a good way for us to keep our agenda up and running seeing we’re all ‘time strapped’.

  2. Thanks Cynthia for getting the blog organised so quickly. I am very impressed.
    Have checked the diary for the 16th June (our next meeting ) and all was clear for that day.
    Is it too early to look at the E5 at our next term’s level meeting and the impact of that at each level? Or should we just spend some time unpacking the E5? How far down the track will each school be?

  3. Thank you Cynthia for being so prompt, this will be good. I am keen to do something with the E5 but I am still working with my leadership team to work out how we are going to implement it. In regards to our cluster I think it would be really good and give us some context for our discussions. I would just like to get it out to my staff first so they know what it means first.

  4. Great to see it up and running so quickly, Cynthia. June 16th is fine by me too. 10.00am here. keep those thoughts circualting.

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